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Cheap surf lessons in los angeles

How to choose the right beach?

Each beach offers a unique experience. Learn which location will best suit your group.

- Calibunga Surf Lessons

Surfing Lessons At
Santa Monica Beach

Lifegaurd Tower #26

 Discover the ultimate spot for beginner surfers to catch their first wave at Santa Monica Beach, Lifeguard Tower 26, with Calibunga Surf Lessons.


Our expert instructors will guide you through the basics in one of the best locations for beginner surfers within 90 miles. With smooth, small, and classic Southern California waves, and a gentle mellow angle of coastline, this beach offers a sandbar that makes it shallower than other beaches, so you'll always be able to touch the ocean floor. This quality makes it the perfect spot for novice surfers who may not be confident swimmers.


Plus, the stunning Santa Monica Pier creates an unforgettable backdrop for your surfing adventure. And when you're done, explore the vibrant nightlife, shops, and restaurants of Santa Monica, just steps from the beach. Don't miss out on the ultimate surfing destination for beginners! Book now to join us and experience the best of Los Angeles County's beach culture.

Best surf instructors in the Los Angeles, Venice Beach area
Sunset point surf spot in los angeles california. Does anyone teach surf lessons at sunset

Sunset Point
[North Santa Monica]

California's famous point-break. Sunset Point can offer the experience of a lifetime. This spot is home to some of California's longest rides. This location requires paddling much further away from the shore creating a beautiful connection with the sea. Due to the slow mellow nature of this A-Framed shaped wave, even catching larger waves becomes easy. 

Full Disclosure: If this spot sounds too good to be true, unfortunately, there is a catch. Because of the natural shape of the coastline, Sunset Beach only has surfable waves about 50% of the time. If you sign up and it's a day when the ocean is flat, your lesson will be shifted to another location. 

It is also worth mentioning that this particular beach is not sandy. The ocean floor is covered in bedrock, so if you are looking to also swim, sunbathe, and chill on the sand, we would recommend choosing another location.

[North Venice]

Shortboarding Paradise

Learn to surf at the world famous venice beach. While the Venice Pier can be an extremely difficult spot for total beginners to learn to surf, this breakwater curbs the waves, making them roll in a bit smoother for an all around fun time. 

It's a five-minute walk north of the Venice Pier, also known as Muscle Beach. This spot is especially great for those learning how to transition from a Longboard to a Shortboard and features tons of amazing shops and restaurants steps away from the Venice Boardwalk.

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